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The Hypocritical Miaoke-Peiyi War!

August 12th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Lin Miaoke lip syncing at the Olympic Games in Beijing.I know, I know, there are serious wars going on in the world: Iraq and Afghanistan, the Russians invading Georgia, etc., so why is all the news around the world about Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi?  Or more importantly why is the world in an uproar over the Chinese decision to use pretty little Lin Miaoke to lip sync in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, rather than little Yang Peiyi who did the actual singing? 

Runway Model in ParisAfterall, who doesn’t put beauty over talent?  I don’t see many record producers pursuing ugly girls who have fantastic voices to sign on to their record labels.  (Yet, they’ll pursue a beautiful girl who has an average voice to sign on.)  I don’t see any ugly models on the runway of Paris or Milan; or on the cover of Vogue or Elle Magazine.  I don’t see any ugly children in advertisement catalogs.  I have yet to see a contestant from any country who is smart, talented, friendly, and ugly compete in the Miss Universe contest; or be a Victoria’s Secret model, or have their own perfume label. 

The Chinese have done no different when they chose all the girls that were in the opening ceremonies.  Every single one, from the girls carrying the signs for each country in the Parade of Nations, to the girls acting as cheerleaders down on the field, to every girl that performed during the opening; every single one was a vision of loveliness, but the same could be said for the Dallas Cheerleaders

Little Yang Peiyi with the angelic voice.If we go by what we saw during the Olympic ceremonies, we would think there isn’t a single woman in China who is ugly, but as in any country there are beautiful women and women not so beautiful.  Yes I would have perferred to have seen cute little Yang Peiyi with her little round face and her crooked teeth singing like an angel, but I can also see why they chose to put Lin Miaoke in front of the camera instead. 

Pretty little Lin MiaokeThe Chinese very well could have avoided this whole issue if they didn’t want to use Yang Peiyi.  They could have found a child who was not only beautiful, but one who could also sing.  (I’m sure there’s plenty of them in a nation of over a billion people!)  Then they wouldn’t find themselves in this uproar where so many nations feel that they’ve been duped! 

Maya Muses:  Give me a break!  Everyone is shallow up to an extent and every nation is guilty of the same thing.  Studies have been done showing that even infant babies are drawn to beautiful people and pay less attention to those who aren’t.  It is part of the human composition that many will not openly admit to.

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  • 1 Mia // Aug 13, 2008 at 11:24 am

    How true this is!

    And yeah,give me a break too….come on every body….
    Stop being so hypocritical,don’t we,after all,all chose beauty before the opposite….

    Then, of course, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

    To the Chinese, not too long ago, “we” looked “ugly”!Now,they want to look like “us”?!
    I think that our differences are beautiful!
    It would be boring if everyone looked alike!

    Who decides what beauty is?
    That changes too,like everything else….

    By the way,in my eyes Yang Peiyi are really cute!

    But there are more important issues than this!

    Interesting though,don’t you think…
    Our world!I love it!

    I will go on looking at my self in the mirror and say”Hello there,I’m really beautiful,inside and out!”It makes me feel good and in my eyes I am beautiful!No matter what others says!

    That is how” shallow” I am….
    And what is wrong with that?As long as I see that the true beauty is coming from within!

    I know a man who would not win in a” beauty competition”,but I think he is very handsome,he radiates out such an” inner light” and that is what I see!

    It is like some fruits I’m “Not” buying…
    They look very nice,but taste nothing,have no flavour whatsoever…
    It is the same with people…I’m not “buying” them either,if there is nothing inside that shines through!If you know what I mean….

    Could talk about this much more,but have to go out and buy flowers to my beloved,it is his birthday today!
    He is, in my eyes ,a very handsome man!
    His inner beauty really shines through!

    It is so wonderful to grow old together….

    Again..What is most beautiful?
    A rosebud or a rose in full bloom?
    A rose or a wildflower?
    Sunrise or sunset?
    Boy or a girl?
    Chinese or Swedish?

    Can we say that a sunrise is more beautiful than a sunset?
    I can’t…they are different!To compare is impossible!
    I can prefer one before the other,but that doesn’t make the other “ugly”!
    A matter of choice,is it not?

    I’m going out to buy flowers!

  • 2 Lynn // Aug 13, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    I agree! Tell Ulf I said, “Happy Birthday!”

    I love buying flowers for guys! I remember the first time I bought flowers for some of my exes (haha, I know it sounds kind of funny, but I’ve remained good friends with a number of them). Anyway, they were so happy and loved it. They told me that it was the first time a girl bought them flowers! I figure women love to receive them, why wouldn’t men!

  • 3 Mia // Aug 14, 2008 at 9:14 am

    Ulf says Thank You!

    Yeah..I like to buy flowers to guys too!And they Do love it!

    I know,I’m friends with a number of mines too…It sounds like we have had a whole bunch of them,doesn’t it?Hehe….

    I think I already told you about when I gave a waiter a rose in Madrid!
    Tina and I will always be remembered!
    Its her favorite bar,and mine too,and he hasn’t forgotten me…
    He is happily married,I like him as a person and therefor I gave him a Rose!
    It is fun doing things like that!Surprising people!
    Giving what you yourself would like to have!
    You do get so much in return!

  • 4 Lynn // Aug 14, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    So true!

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