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Taxidatum – The Best Way To Get Around Peru

April 27th, 2017 · No Comments

Taxidatum, you can’t beat ’em!

Six months have passed since Patrick and I took our trip to Peru and we miss the country and its people as much as ever. While I was researching how to get around Peru before our trip, I had heard of the company Taxidatum. They have rave reviews on a number of sites and 5 stars on Tripadvisor and Google. I can say all the praise bestowed on them are well deserved, every one of them.

Peru, here we come!

We flew from Paris to Madrid, Madrid to Lima, and then Lima to Cusco. We knew we would be exhausted and we were, but our traveling wasn’t over. We still had to get from the Cusco airport to the town of Ollantaytambo, about an hour and 40 minutes away. Catching a bus or taxi into the city of Cusco and then taking a local bus service to Olly just seemed to be a lot to do after a long journey, so we opted for Taxidatum, a fare of $37. When we landed in Cusco, the driver was holding up a sign with our name on it and we never looked back.

Beats taking the bus when there’s nowhere to sit.

We used them throughout our entire trip. Leonardo, who runs the company, is very efficient and always answers his emails promptly. Most of the drivers speak English, some more limited than others, but I didn’t mind, I got to practice my Spanish with all of them. They were friendly and helpful giving us advice about where to go and what to do. The cars were all modern and clean and the drivers were there at the exact time they were scheduled to be. What more could we ask for? Twice we had to change our pickup time and once we were late, but it was never a problem to accommodate us.

Now let me tell you about this ruin.

It was nice to know the cost of each trip in advance and there was never any hassling with the driver. Tours were also available and cheaper than a lot of places. (We took two tours to different ruins.) All in all, the price is the price, no hidden fees, and you can pay in US dollars or soles.

But, I don’t want to fly home! Can’t we stay longer?

Maya Muses: Yes, they’re a little more expensive than just any taxi you can hail on the street, but there were a lot of warnings about taxi drivers in Peru taking tourists “for a ride” and/or robbing them. We thought it was well worth paying a little extra for peace of mind. Besides, they’re less expensive than booking through a lot of the hotels.

Our next trip to Peru will be Taxidatum all the way.

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