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Sea, Sun, And Friends In The South Of France

October 22nd, 2015 · No Comments


The end of September Patrick and I took a short holiday for a few weeks to the Côte d’Azur. It was a little crazy as we criss-crossed around France. First, we went down to Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, a small isle on the Mediterranean, to visit friends for a week.

Jackie and Gégé call this place home for half the year. Lucky them.


The weather was perfect and most of the tourists were gone, so we were left with gorgeous beaches and afternoon lunches amidst the locals.

Chic Saint-Trop with great cafés and restaurants.


In Saint-Tropez the afternoon sunlight was like a picture-perfect-postcard.

I want this yacht! No wait, I want that one!


And the yachts, one after another, had us dreaming of what it would be like to be rich and famous. Okay, forget about famous, we would’ve been happy with rich so we could afford one of these yachts. What put a damper on it was you needed about two million a year just for maintenance. Definitely, way beyond our budget for now.


Driving through Provence was wonderful as we headed toward Uzès with a stop in Nîmes to visit the arena built in the first century AD during the Roman Empire.


I love the tree lined roads that the area is known for.



We visited Eric and Yetunde’s new cooking school, Cook’n With Class and had lunch there with a number of students.


Relaxing after a class and a full meal.


Patrick already off to explore the marketplace which sold mostly regional produce. The ambiance was amazing.

Me getting ready to walk across the bridge. Uh, backwards?


We toured the Pont du Gard, the famous Roman aqueduct and got lost trying to find a panoramic view of the bridge.

Hey, there’s suppose to be a great view around here somewhere.

Almost 40 minutes later we found it.


There are three olive trees dating back to 908 AD. They were beautiful in their own right. The things they must’ve seen in the 1,107 years they’ve been around – amazing.

We then went to Nantes to spend Patrick’s birthday with his nephew/god-child and his family.

Patrick’s birthday cake and champagne.


The Château de la Bretesche, a medieval castle, was built in the 14th century. The Parc Naturel de la Brière surrounding it was simply gorgeous.

Welcome to my home.

Patrick and his nephew Sédrik walking on the castle grounds.

Beautiful setting for a game of pétanque.

Jackie and Patrick deciding who won. (Jackie and I did, of course!)

Maya Muses: We had a wonderful time and we were tired as we headed back to Paris, but we were happy. We had spent countless hours eating and drinking with friends and family, but we had also done a lot of exploring and walking.

Uh, I know we’re here somewhere.

Did dad and Uncle Patrick get us lost?

Well, kids, it sure looks that way.

The weather this autumn has been another Indian summer in France with the leaves turning and one beautiful day after another. Paris has been no exception and welcomed us back with days of sunshine.

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