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Paris La Joie De Vivre

November 16th, 2015 · 4 Comments


November 13, 2015. 129 killed in Paris. What is this world coming to? I ask myself this question more and more. What kind of world are we leaving for the generations to come? This Little Blue Planet of ours is so beautiful and yet things continue to get worse. What has mankind learned from history, from our mistakes? Nothing.

I remember the bomb that went off at the Drugstore Saint-Germain in 1974, I remember the bomb on the rue des Rosiers in 1982. I remember walking up the rue de Rennes on my way to the FNAC in 1986 and seeing a helicopter land in front of the Tour Montparnasse after a bombing. I remember the bombs down in the Métro in 1995. Yes, we were frightened afterwards. I stopped going to the Marais for awhile. I stopped taking the Métro and took buses instead. I stopped walking near trash bins in the streets until the city replaced them with see through plastic bags.

Yet, despite the threats we survived and the Parisian lifestyle survived. Parisians are a strong people with a long history of survival. We will continue to live as we’ve done before. We’ll continue to sit at sidewalk cafés, eat in restaurants and brasseries, go to the opera, the cinéma, and the concert halls and we’ll continue to flâner. It’s a French word that means to stroll without a destination in mind, just for the pleasure. No one knows better how to flâner than Parisians and there’s no better place in the world than Paris to do it. We will live like we have always done because we will not let the terrorists win.


A friend wrote on her Facebook page this morning:

Dimanche matin c’est l’heure…
Avant de partir j’entends
Evitez de sortir sauf nécessité absolue
Conseil aux parisiens…là je me dis, J’AI UNE NÉCESSITÉ ABSOLUE: VIVRE.

— Cora Arnould


Sunday morning, it’s time…
Before leaving I hear
Advice to Parisians…
Avoid going out unless absolutely necessary.

Maya Muses: The weather today in Paris was warm and beautiful, my friend Cora went out, Patrick and I went out. And I was happy to see young people and old, families and couples, children and babies, enjoying the weather in spite of everything. La joie de vivre remains in Paris.

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  • 1 Axel W. // Nov 18, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Nous sommes Paris

  • 2 Lynn // Nov 18, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Seeing the reaction from around the world, it does feel that way.

  • 3 Pam // Nov 18, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    So sad what is happening in the world today. I don’t know if you remember my comment on your last post, but it seems I wasn’t far from the truth. Thoughts and prayers are being sent to those of you in Paris.

  • 4 Lynn // Nov 19, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Thanks, Pam. I believe you meant the post before last on Good & Evil. You’re right, what you wrote is exactly what happened with the terrorists coming through as refugees to Europe. I think we all knew that was a possibility, but no one could foresee the consequences. And what about the innocent people fleeing to survive?

    The terrorists claim all the countries turned a blind eye and didn’t helped the Syrian people. Well, look what they’re doing to their own people.

    The way things are going in the world, I honestly fear for future generations.

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