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Our Trip To China

July 4th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Third Stop:  Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong.

After the 38°C (102°F) weather in Thailand, we arrived in Hong Kong to a balmy, cool 29°C (86°F). It was great. Julien’s apartment is located right in the heart of Central Hong Kong.


We met his roommate, Holden, first of all who was super nice. Julien was working at the time. Come to find out they even have a rooftop terrace. What we wouldn’t give to have a terrace like theirs here in Paris.

Holden and Julien sprucing up the terrace for an evening BBQ.

After leaving our bags we walked over to the restaurant he manages to say hello. It was a 5 minute walk through a maze of streets and back alleys. Julien greeted us with a frozen margarita. The best margaritas in HK by the way.

Patrick and Julien hanging out before the crowd arrives.

Mmm! So good.

We decided to stay and have dinner at Boomshack. It’s a great little diner/restaurant that serves burgers, tacos…well think fast food fare, but with a personal spin. I loved everything, even the beet fries and I hate beets. Who would’ve thought to deep fry them like potatoes?

Soho Hong Kong.

The whole area was hopping with locals and tourists who mingled in restaurants and bars that line both sides of the streets one after another. People partied and made noise until 3-4 in the morning.

Patrick was a big hit with the T-shirt I bought him in Bangkok.

The ambiance was similar to what the Latin Quarter used to be like back in the early 70s before the cafés were closed down and designer shops took over like a virus and killed the atmosphere. (But that’s another story.)

We made friends with a couple from Switzerland. They were great fun and we hit it off right away as though we had been friends forever.

She’s in red and he’s the one with the beard. They were as nice as they are a nice looking couple.

All four of us left the restaurant we were in. (Thanks Austin for the wonderful dinner. Sorry I forgot the name or else I would mention it.) We made our way down to Boomshack for a final drink – margaritas, of course.

The four of us clowning around with others in the background.

The couple gave us their card and I’m sorry to say I don’t remember either of their names. All I remember is the girl worked for Hewlett Packard. Well, long story short, we lost their card and their email address along with it. Too bad, because we would’ve loved to have stayed in touch. Here’s hoping someone recognizes them in the photos and they can tell them to contact us. It’s a long shot, but hey, you never know.


The energy in the city is amazing. From the harbor to the skywalks, from the skyscrapers to the temples, and from the mountains to the beaches, it’s a city of contrasts, of old and new, where East meets West, and rich and not so rich coincide.


Bangkok was a city of rich and poor, but the poor in Hong Kong were less visible.


Beggars and homeless people roamed the streets of Bangkok, but in Hong Kong we only saw one homeless person on the street. I’m sure there are poor people there, but we didn’t see them and we went all over on both sides of Kowloon Bay. Instead designer clothes, shoes and accessories were evident everywhere. You could smell the money.


Patrick and I love the way the woman in Hong Kong dress. Some reminded us of porcelain dolls. The style is totally their own.


For ten days we commented on how they looked and of course I didn’t think to take pictures of them until our last day there and then it was too late.


Too bad, because some were a sight to behold.


Yes, even the guys.


Actually, some of the guys take the HK street style to a whole other level.

A foggy day in Hong Kong harbor.

The view of the city from the harbor is breathtaking. But then the view of the harbor from Victoria Peak…well it’s even more breathtaking.

Night time on Victoria Peak.

But who would have imagined a short distance away, there are beautiful beaches to enjoy. Patrick and I were seduced by it all.


Julien and a few of his friends invited us to a day at the beach where we had no less than four chefs cooking our food.


Patrick and Julien walking along the beach.

The temples around Hong Kong were amazing.


And so was the Tian Tan Buddha hidden up in the mountains.

Going up by cable car to see the Giant Buddha.


And climbing the 268 steps. (It seemed like a lot more when I was climbing.)

Entrance to the Po Lin Monastery.

Why don’t we have tea shops like these?



Or the local convenience store like this.

Not the local 7-Eleven store that’s for sure.

The food was  less exotic than the food in Thailand, but it was just as good. We ate at nice restaurants…


…and I loved, loved, loved, (Did I say loved?) the steamed dumplings.

Mmm! My favorite.


But, we also tried the local stands where no one spoke English or French or Spanish and we had to point to what we wanted and hope for the best.


Actually, this street restaurant turned out to be one of the best. The food was delicious.

A lone fisherman. I love this photo.

Maya Muses:  Hong Kong is an incredible city. We hated leaving. 

The Cheung Po Tsai, the famous Aqua Luna boat.

When we got back to Paris we had the impression we were returning to a sleepy little village. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever compared Paris that way. It took Patrick and I weeks to readapt to our life in the City of Lights. Now we’re happy to be home, but if anyone would ask us, “Do you want to go to Hong Kong?” We wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

Until next time.

Photo Credit: Personal Photos, HK Street Fashion: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Victoria Peak and Cheung Po Tsai boat.

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  • 1 Harriet // Jul 9, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Thanks for the great travelogue! Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL trip! Richard loves Patrick’s new shirt. I need one for Richard!

  • 2 Lynn // Jul 10, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    It truly was a wonderful trip! We had dinner in the Marais two nights ago with friends and we were talking about how we would love to go back.

    Speaking about the T-shirt, I told Patrick I should’ve bought him more than one. I swear people were stopping him on the street and asking him where he got it. Or they’d read it and laugh and then give him a thumb’s up. Some people asked if they could take a photo of him with his shirt. Patrick enjoyed every minute of it. LOL!

    I’m the one who saw it and bought it from a street vendor in Bangkok for him, I thought it was funny. He didn’t wear it until we got to Hong Kong or else I would have gone back and bought some more, it was so popular. And like I said, too bad, they would’ve made great gifts.

  • 3 Jane // Jul 15, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    Love the photos. They make me want to go to Hong Kong. I never would have guessed they were so stylish over there. I had heard that people in Japan dressed in a similar fashion, but who knew it would be that way in China. Looks like you had a great trip.

  • 4 Lynn // Jul 16, 2015 at 6:27 am

    Jane, we were surprised by how fashionable people were over there as well. I knew about Japan because a cousin of mine studied there for 6 months and she was constantly putting photos on FB, but not HK.

    We would love to go back. Thanks for writing.

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