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Joy Behar In Need Of Psychiatric Help!

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments

“I need help!”Okay, I admit it!  I watch The View just to see what idiotic nonsense is going to come out of the mouths of one of those ladies, and most of the time, I’m not disappointed!

I can’t say why, but I still have this feeling that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be going on to greener pastures after the elections and The View (which can then be renamed “Our View”) will once again become the boring little morning talk show that it’s always been.

But, enough about the show, this post is dedicated to Joy Behar! She never Psychiatric Help!ceases to amaze me by the dumb things that come out of her mouth! Monday’s show was no exception. This bitter woman who is not only obsessive-compulsive, she’s also an idiot! To think that she would call Stephen Hawking, yes, Stephen Hawking, the greatest scientific mind since Einstein, “……that guy who speaks through a computer and doesn’t do anything……”!!!  It’s beyond my comprehension! 

Monday’s Hot Topics showed once again just how immature this woman is. She definitely has major issues. When Barbara Walters complimented Elisabeth Hasselbeck and “I’m a little crazy!”told her how proud she was of her; Joy immediately pouted like a child and told Barbara, “what about me?!” Like a kid who can’t stand that their mother compliments the other sibling and not her, she desperately needed to be complimented by Walters as well!

It’s sad that this woman needs that feedback to be happy! She has to have a laugh from the audience as tangible proof that she’s worth anything. I use to think that she was rather talented and quick witted until I realized, she doesn’t make up those jokes on the spot! They are written for her ahead of time! Where’s the talent? Anybody can recite one-liners that are fed to you and get a laugh!

Maya Muses: The more I observe Joy and her behavior, the more I am convinced that this poor woman really does need professional help!

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