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Independent Voter – But No One To Vote For!

April 15th, 2008 · No Comments

John McCainThe title says it all!  I’m an independent voter, but I don’t like any of the candidates running for President!  I hate to think that the US will be run by any of them.  If McCain would bend a little and not carry on with the mess that Bush got us into, I would consider voting for him.  However, I cannot see America with four more years of Bush politics.  As for Hillary and Obama, neither one appeals to me and the further along we go in this race, the less appealing they become. 

Bill RichardsonGore, if he ran against Clinton and Obama today, would surely beat both candidates by a mile.  I think Richardson with all his experience in the political arena and especially his diplomatic experience would have made an excellent President.  The reason why he’s still not in the running (he should run as an Independent!) is partly to be blamed on the media.  The power of the media to push Clinton and Obama to the forefront has now gotten us into a situation where neither candidate for the Democratic nomination is worthy.  Obama has proven time and again that he is out of touch with mainstream America and I don’t buy his explanation about his pastor and mentor.  Clinton, or should I say, “the Clintons” are somewhat scary in unanswered shenanigans under Bill’s administration (and I’m not talking Monica here!).  No one should be above the law.

Who Will It Be?The dilemma I’m faced with has left me no choice but to wait until I see who each candidate chooses for a running mate, not that the Vice-President has much power in office, but it will tell me somewhat where we’re headed, and if history is any indication, he or she may just become President down the road as well.

Maya Muses:  If all else fails to persuade me, I may just go on the day of the elections and write Oprah’s name down!

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