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I Admit I’m Addicted To The Two Cs – Crack Cocaine? No, Candy Crush!

July 10th, 2016 · No Comments

Candy Crush King_opt
I can’t stop playing.

Is there a rehab where I can slowly withdraw? Or a Candy Crush Anonymous where I can stand up and say, “Yes, I’m addicted.” I don’t think so, but if there were I’m sure Patrick would’ve sent me to one of those places by now.

The whole addiction came about slowly. In the beginning I would play my five lives and if I didn’t pass a level, or my five lives were used up, it didn’t matter. I would wait a day or two before trying again. Back then, there were less boosters available so it was harder to advance. Once a day was all you could spin on the Booster Wheel and all you got was one bonus. Today, in addition to the wheel, there are Treasure Chests, 3 or 5 in One, Sugar Drops and more.

Candy Crush Pot of Gold_opt
That pot at the end of the rainbow is pure gold.

Candy Crush is the most popular app game played in the world. Over half a billion people have downloaded it and 93 million people play every day on every continent in the world, even Antarctica. King earns over $850,000 a day, over a billion a year!

DSC00960-002_opt (1)
They haven’t gotten a penny from me.

That said, if more players were like me, they would be out of luck. I’ve reached their final level several times. Right now I’m on level # 1686 (there are 2515 levels at the moment) and I’m proud to say I have not spent one single penny on the game. Oh, there have been times when I was frustrated on a hard level and came close to winning with just one more jelly or fruit to get rid of, but I ran out of moves. Still, I wasn’t about to spend 99 cents to finish off the game. Why, what’s 99 cents, you ask? My thinking was, if I did that, it would become a habit…a very bad habit.

The only time I play is in the evening when Patrick and I watch television and it depends on what we’re watching. That’s reasonable, don’t you think? (Patrick, of course, has a different opinion.) He has a hard time understanding how I can multitask, but I tell him I don’t need to watch the TV screen every second when we’re watching a news channel or a documentary, I can do both. It’s one of those women are from Venus and men from Mars thing.

Okay, to be perfectly honest, that last paragraph may not be completely true. I do play if I’m in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, or I’ll play when I’m standing in a long line at the grocery store. What can I say? It makes time go by so much faster.

Candy Crush Candies
I blame it on these primary and secondary colors.

Maya Muses: Thanks to me, I’m not the only one addicted in my family. Oh no, I had to drag my (soon to be) 94 year old mother down with me. Just two days ago she told me over the phone that something was wrong and she had to wait thousands of minutes before she could play another game.

IMG-20141120-WA0000 (2)
Mum playing Candy Crush on her iPad.

I had my brother fix that glitch right away and then he started laughing.

I said, “What’s going on?”

Bob said, “Mum forgot all about you being on the phone, she’s already playing her Candy Crush.”

Oh well, there are far worse things to be addicted to.

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