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Happy 95th Birthday Mum!

August 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Mum's 95th Birthday Cake_opt
Happy Birthday Mum!

Today my mum turns 95 years old and I wanted to pay tribute to my wonderful mum, but for once words fail me. What can I say about this generous woman who has always put others before herself, who sacrificed a lot from the time she was a child? Her life wasn’t always easy, yet she never lost her sense of humor, her love for life, or her adventurous spirit to travel and see the world.

Mum in Blue Hat at Church White Pews_opt
Mum looking chic all in blue.

I sit here in front of my computer and delete more words than I write. I ask myself why, yet I know the answer. These words would’ve come easy a few years ago when mum was still herself and she would’ve read them and been happy that I had shared them. Mum’s favorite expression (dad’s too) was always, “Your health is the most important, without it you have nothing.” Today she’s still with us, still going strong physically, but more often than not her mind is somewhere else. She remembers some of the past, but the present seems just beyond her grasp.

Mum in Garden Red Flowers_opt
Mum as colorful as the flowers in her garden.

Recently I learned something new about mum. I asked her if she used to go out dancing with her sister when they were young. “No,” she said. “(Your) Grandma wouldn’t let us, but she took dancing lessons and went out dancing.” Mum never complained, she worked and took care of her seven younger brothers and sisters. She was an acetylene welder during WWII, a Rosie the Riveter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, but those are simply titles, words, labels…they’re not my mother.

Aunt Lupe and mum. (I don’t know who the baby is in mum’s arms.)

When I think of mum I remember moments that were special or moments that marked her life. For instance, mum loved to sing, but never did. As a child, she was perhaps 7 or 8 and the kids in choir class at school were singing the Stephen Foster song, Old Black Joe. Mum was happy and singing along, the choir teacher walked among the students and stopped in front of my mom. “Just mouth the words.” she told her, because mum was singing out of tune. After that my mother never dared to sing again. I have no memories of her singing, but she told me a few months back, she used to sing along with the radio when she was home alone. That made me happy and sad at the same time.

Mum and her schoolmates.

Mum loved to travel and one of my favorite memories was the time we were in Mexico visiting the pyramids at Teotihuacán. We had spent the day climbing and visiting the ruins and we had saved the biggest pyramid for last. Mum and I climbed the 248 steps, when we reached the top we looked around and mum said, “There’s the Pyramid of the Moon.” (She pointed to the right.) “And there’s the Pyramid of the Stars.” (She pointed to the left.) “Where’s the Pyramid of the Sun?” I looked around and said, “Yeah, where’s the Pyramid of the Sun?” A small group of tourists with their guide were on top as well. So, mum and I went over and I repeated to them, “There’s the Pyramid of the Moon…blah, blah, blah, but where’s the Pyramid of the Sun?” They looked at us like we had just landed from Mars. “You’re standing on it,” one of them said. Mum and I looked at each other and started laughing so hard, we couldn’t stop. “The blind leading the blind.” she said.

Mum and I resting before climbing the rest of the way up the Pyramid of the Sun. LOL!

I’m sure my two brothers and two sisters have moments that are precious to them as well. Mum had no favorites, she loved us all the same. One day I came home from school, mum had been to a PTA meeting and she had brought home a cupcake they had served, but she had saved for us. My sweet tooth radar was on high alert. “Oh, mum, can I have the cupcake?” “No,” she said, “you have to split it 5 ways.” I wasn’t about to give up so easily. “But mum, you can’t split a cupcake 5 ways. If I eat it, no one will know.” “I’ll know.” Mum said, and took a knife and cut it 5 ways.

Mum and Rose at Wedding_opt_opt
Mum getting ready to celebrate. (Her great-grandson looking very serious with his glasses on.)

Maya Muses: Today is my beautiful little mother’s 95th birthday. So many things to say and to share, but I’ll just say, Happy 95th Birthday, Mum. I love you!

Photo Credits: Photo of cake and all personal photos.

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