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Guard Against Gardasil

July 11th, 2008 · No Comments

Maya Muses: CNN reported a few days ago that parents of young girls who have taken Gardasil, the vaccination against the papillomavirus, have been calling the FDA complaining and filing lawsuits (close to 8000) because of the side effects of this vaccine on their children’s health. What follows is a post that I wrote last year on my old blog, The View From My Window, protesting against this drug being administered to young girls.  Perhaps now this drug will be put on hold and the mandatory order to administer this vaccine will be reversed until further studies can be made.

What Is Going On In Texas?!

I Don’t Think So!First of all, I can’t understand why Americans put up with the power that pharmaceutical companies yield in this country. The price of medication is very often 5, 10, and as much as 50% higher than the price for the same medication in other countries. Why is that?

The answer is, because pharmaceutical companies use their almighty power with their almighty dollar to push and lobby their way into passing whatever laws they deem fit for their profits. They give out freebies not only to our lawmakers, but also to our doctors that prescribe these medications.

Gardasil VaccineThe more medicine and the stronger the dose a doctor gives his or her patients; the more freebies these doctors receive. Don’t take my word for it, do a little investigation on your own and you’ll soon see how true this statement is.

Just how powerful these companies have become was shown this past week when Merck & Co. managed to puppeteer Texas Govenor Rick Perry to issue an executive order that all young girls, as young as 11 or 12, should receive a vaccination against the papillomavirus, in the form of Gardasil.

One Less but with more problems than before!Since when does the government dictate what medical care we give or don’t give our children? More importantly, why give a drug to girls as young as 9 years-old to protect them from an HPV infection, which is sexually transmitted? Not to mention that only a small percentage of women with HPV actually develop cervical cancer in their lifetime.

I’m all for stopping cancer of any kind, but if I had a young daughter and I was living in Texas, I would be asking:

  • How long has Merck been testing this vaccine? (Not very long, less than 4 years.)
  • Who was tested and where? (Merck states that children were tested. Who were these children?)
  • What are the results of these tests? (Not enough information is in to substantiate that the positives outweigh the negative effects.)
  • What are the side effects, the dangers, and consequences of taking these three vaccinations that are now required? (It has been reported that girls who have taken the vaccine are experiencing dizziness, severe headaches, temporary loss of vision, loss of consciousness, seizures and even paralysis!) If that’s not enough, fifteen deaths were reported to the FDA, although there is controversy as to whether these deaths are directly linked to the vaccine.
  • What is the rush to enforce this vaccination? ($Money$, $Money$, $Money$!)
  • Why not wait for further studies rather than give a vaccine to young healthy girls before you know the consequences of this act? (Again, $Money$, $Money$, $Money$!)

Merck Marketing!It has been reported that Governor Perry has received $6000 from Merck for his re-election campaign. Don’t make me laugh, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. It’s an ice cube! Think again how much he has probably received to push this legislation! Merck stands to gain billions from this vaccine! $6000 just about covers a lunch date between Perry and Mike Toomey, one of three lobbyists in Texas for Merck and Perry’s former chief of staff, to bring this matter about.

Gardasil Guinea PigAnother question is, how much money is Merck funneling into the advocacy group Women in Government who are pushing to pass this legislation throughout the United States? We are talking big bucks here! Believe me, Big Bucks!

What I want to know is, which women holding office, besides Rep. Dianne White Delisi, who happens to be Perry’s current chief of staff’s mother-in-law, are aiding Merck in this matter? Don’t all these connections to Merck seem just a little too coincidental?! Do these Women in Government have young daughters? Are their daughters also going to receive this vaccination?! If the answer is no, then why not!?

Gardasil VictimParents with daughters in Texas, make sure you investigate and learn the facts before subjecting your daughters to this vaccine. I know I would! As a matter of fact I would take an “Opt Out” approach which is an affidavit stating for religious or philosophical reasons I choose to not allow my child to receive this vaccine.

Don’t be fooled into believing that you must have your child vaccinated. Perry’s order, in reality, is only a recommendation and you as a parent have the right to decide without any consequences, to you or your child, that you do not want to partake in this money grubbing scheme. There is plenty of time for your daughters to have this vaccination once the studies have come in showing that there is no harm in taking the vaccine and that the results show there is no reason for your daughters not to.

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