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Another Friday the 13th!

March 13th, 2009 · No Comments

Happy Friday the 13th!You may be asking, didn’t we just have Friday the 13th last month?  Yep, and we’ll have another one in November!  For a lot of people it’s just another day, for others it’s a lucky day, and for the rest, it’s a day they would rather stay in bed and forget about! 

 Howard K. Stern, the former lawyer for Anna Nicole Smith, may be thinking that today is an unlucky day when charges were brought against him for supplying Anna with prescribed pills that caused her fatal overdose in 2007. 

Mark Twain once attended a dinner party where he was the 13th guest and was warned by a friend not to go.  He later told his friend, “They only had food for 12.”  (Hey, I’m not making this up!)

I’m not superstitious, but thank goodness for my 3 horseshoes!!!A study done in Britain concluded that Friday the 13th is bad for your health!  Even though fewer people chose to drive their cars on this day, and fewer people were out in general, there were more accidents and more hospital admissions (an increase of 52%) that people were advised to stay at home on this day!

In some areas of China, 13 is a lucky number because 實生 sounds like “must be alive”.

For the Spanish speaking world it’s Tuesday rather than Friday that brings about bad luck and it’s not just on the 13th; it’s every Tuesday! They have a saying that one should not get married, set off on a journey, or leave one’s house!   (En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes.)  When I lived in Spain, and spent a lot of time in Mexico, I never noticed much difference on Tuesdays; thank goodness not everyone is superstitious!

Full of symbolism for the #13!In the U.S. 13 doesn’t seem to be a no-no.  There were 13 original colonies which represents the thirteen stripes on the American Flag.  The U.S. one dollar bill is loaded with the number 13 symbolized throughout.

Maya Muses:  As I mentioned in my previous post about Friday the 13th, we create our own reality.  People who are waiting for something bad to happen usually aren’t disappointed, and those who are expecting something good to happen aren’t disappointed either!  For me, it’s just another day!

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