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AAA – Triple A Or Triple Zero?

August 28th, 2008 · 5 Comments

AAAThanks to all the rain that hurricane Faye dropped on the Atlantic  coast, I needed to call AAA for the first time and ask for roadside assistance.  After years of paying for their service and never using it (except to obtain an occasional road map) I told myself, finally my yearly fees would be somewhat reimbursed….so I thought!

The first thing that AAA asked me was if I was in a safe location.  I told them that I was, but that my car was stuck in the mud and I needed a tow truck to pull me out.  Their response was, it’ll take 90 minutes to get a truck out to me!  Stuck in the mud!They also told me to call them back in case I no longer need their service, which got me to thinking…. Do they tell you 90 minutes because they don’t want to come and help you?  Or do they tell you 90 minutes because they know that more than likely some good Samaritan will assist you and they won’t need to come out?  Is that why the first question they ask is if you are in a safe location?  If you answer yes, then they let you find a solution to your own problem.  If you answer no, I would hope that they would then send someone out immediately to assist you.

A good thing that my brother Bob, who was visiting, happened to be in the car with me, but poor Bob!  I won’t tell you what it did to his good shoes and his nice white pants!!! When he got out of the car, to assess the situation his shoes sunk into a couple of inches of mud!  Bob and me after we got cleaned up!Rather than wait for AAA, I called Patrick to come by and get us out, but even before he arrived, a good Samaritan did pull us out.

I called AAA back and cancel the tow truck, but I had a strong intuitive feeling that they were just waiting for my call and weren’t planning on coming out unless they absolutely had to.  Have other AAA members had the same experience that I’ve had?  And if so, then do we really need to pay an annual fee to get nothing more than a few free road maps?!  

Maya Muses:  Talk about intuition and creating my own reality, for days I just knew that I was going to get stuck in the mud!  Which brings me to the same question I’ve asked myself before, do we create our own reality, or are there things that are just destined to happen? 

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  • 1 Mia // Aug 28, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Figured that one out if you can!

    Here is some car situations….

    I was with a good friend of mine,we were in the middle of nowhere,late in the evening,it was winter and cold…
    We talked about UFO’s,for some reason….
    We talked about how people had experienced that suddenly the engine in their car just stops…and strange things happens…

    Yeah…After 5 minutes or so,our car engine just stopped!
    We looked at each other and felt some sort of electricity in the air!
    What to do? this was before cellphones…
    We just sat there,waiting for the UFO to come and get us…hehe
    After 5 minutes…A police car came up behind us…
    Stopped and 4 police men came out asking us if they could help us!
    We looked at each other again…where did they come from?
    One policeman drove our car behind the police car all the way to where we were going…
    They thought it was interesting to find us there they said…because usually they were not driving there that time of the hour…
    They were very friendly and they disappeared just as quickly as they appeared….
    We looked at each other again and wondered ;”did this happen or not?”
    Because it felt like time somehow stopped!
    Difficult to describe the feeling….
    And the strange thing was…our car….we couldn’t drive it,the electricity circuit didn’t function!?

  • 2 Lynn // Aug 28, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    The four policemen could have been angels in disguise! I’ve had a number of situations where people just “happen to appear” at the moment when you need them most and then just as quickly disappear! Like you said, the feeling that you’re left with is an unsure feeling that it was real, and you have to ask yourself over and over again, “Did that really happen?!” And that feeling lingers on for hours and days afterwards.

    But the incident with Bob in the mud was nothing like that! It was all too real, especially later that evening when I was trying to clean the mud from the inside of the car, washing the car, and trying to get the stains out of Bob’s pants! That was all too real! LOL!

  • 3 Lynn // Aug 28, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    The circumstances with your car reminds me of another incident where two girls were leaving a shopping mall late at night and they noticed two men following them at a distance. They quickly got into their car, locked the doors, and tried to flee, but the car wouldn’t start!

    The men approached them and tried to open the car doors and were banging on the car. The girls were so scared, but the car was dead; it just wouldn’t start. They started praying as one guy tried to smash the window, but then all of a sudden the car started. They took off, drove home and parked the car in the garage.

    One girl told her father what had happened and he went out to the garage to see what was wrong with the car. He went back and told the girls that it was impossible for them to have driven the car home like that because the car battery was missing!

    (I can hear the Twilight Zone music playing! Hahaha!)

  • 4 Mia // Aug 29, 2008 at 10:27 am

    Me too…Loved to watch the Twilight Zone by the way…

    Hope the mud is all gone now…hehe

    I will go down to check up how much water there is in our basement…2 cm,Ulf said…
    He has books down there…..well,there is always something “fun” happening….when you least expect it!
    He bit off a tooth the other day,too…
    Something to learn here…I’m sure….

    Soon I’m in Madrid!
    Will check in here if I have time!

    Think there will be some of that music playing there too..hehe

  • 5 Lynn // Aug 31, 2008 at 2:31 am

    Mia, Ulf bit off a tooth!?! I think you may need to have cooking lessons from Patrick!!! Hahaha!!!

    Have a great time in Madrid and I know you and Tina will have fun at Geraldine’s concert. I hope you get to spend time with France and Carlos as well!

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